Topics Covered by Bruce

Corporate Finance

Topics covered include:- Time Value of Money; Annuities; Interest Rates; Internal Rates of Return (IRR); Calculators and Excel Functions; Bond and Equity Valuations; Project Decisions; Cost of Capital; Options.

Chartered Financial Analyst- CFA

Topics covered include:- Quantitative Methods, Economics, Financial Reporting Analysis, Corporate Bonds, Shares, Derivatives, Private Equity & Venture Capital, Infrastructure & Property, Portfolio Management, ESG Ratings, Professional Ethics.

Financial Planning

Topics covered include:- Economic Environment; Advice Regulations; The 6 Steps; Client’s Best Interests; Needs analysis; Projections; Present Values; Superannuation; Insurance.

Demography & Population Studies

Topics covered include :- Measures of growth; Rates of Birth, Death and Migration; Population Projections; Life Tables; Age Structure & Distribution; Longevity; Marriage & Fertility.

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